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"Quebec needs skilled workers" : smoke and mirrors

To all those who have an occupation in their country and who intend to migrate to Quebec ... Beware of traps!
"Quebec needs  skilled workers" : smoke and mirrors

the porch of the rectory

There is a temptation when you hear the siren. I mean solicitation campaigns carried out by the MICC to attract skilled workers from around the world to settle in the "belle province".

We do promise you anything, you will say it, but it's true that is. The quality of life is better than elsewhere, the cost of living one of the lowest in the world in Montreal, we recall some well-meaning.

With that you have one of the best education systems in the world (no less!). Also, do not just wants, only the elected holders of a selection certificate issued by the Quebec can be proud to have been chosen. Enjoy it while it's hot because your "proudness" could not last.

Your selection by the government bureaucrats, is rational surplus. With supporting figures on the outlook for the labor market, it will show that you make a good deal. The more often your prospects are favorable. Here is America, one of those places where all dreams are possible. You will soon understand that your employment opportunities are real and serious. You are in an industry in demand, the demographic decline of the "belle province" helping all these social-economical-fallacious factors will make you the wife or the happiest man in the world.

But do not rush things, before coming  save money, do not plunk home penniless, in other words. Yes, be reasonable, regardless of the society, a minimum amount of money is needed in order to start from scratch. But just enough to survive plan with your family for at least three months, the time for you to step up to the curry. All that you do not have time to see it.

On arrival if you have the chance to know some people there, do welcome you, this is not a luxury, it will promote a less rough landing. Do not say I'm all alone, it's bullshit, you regret having said.
Otherwise, get ready because as soon as you set foot: This is America. No more risette and pleasant advertisements, back on earth and remove the locks on your wallet, it is too late now to be modest with it, we'll take your money.

The first days are the honeymoon, it seems. Your first contact with community centers, will have no ambitions to take you back to the plank cows very quickly. After several months you believe we needed people to your profile, it is therefore necessary to set aside reserves to this assertion, we must be pragmatic, closer to the ground, get the big time north.

Because you see, here is America and that you will learn.

Here we are different from you, we have our traditions, our way of speaking. We speak French, but we speak English too, which is a mixture of both.

Being a skilled worker, chosen for your skills, and the excellence of your profile, you believe you are so scholar, perhaps, in any case, your surprise will be great when you hear that, first, the turning of a compliment, because here it's like that, you do not say it bluntly, the quiet revolution, we do not like conflict, it is the famous Quebec consensus, we beat around the bush in fact, that primo here in Quebec we do not have the habit of hiring people who have no Québec diploma. And secondo, your experiences  do not count, doesn't interest us, only counts the Quebec experience. The latter is as rare as the Tanzanite at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Thus, to hear our guests, only contact with the chosen people living near the narrowing of the St. Lawrence, at the height of the bluff is likely to bring you the fountain of youth, the unique experience, pearl, enlightenment that will make you transcend your job skills.

And that Neni, you say, you can not get here in a conquered country, we can not put you above the indigenous, finally, indigenous, perhaps, but not neo-natives, what!
What country would agree to put the people of immigrant before its own citizens?
I do not know if you feel the paradigm shift, or semantics, or just music.

But we must recognize that those who invented this whole farce has the art of diplomacy, ie the art to take you for a fool but you say never.
You will not hear a Quebecois say anything because since your arrival, immigrants speaking immigrants.

Community centers, this lovely expression are havens for immigrants, there you do not have an agent for the job but recommended for employment.
Here we like people who know how to roll up their sleeves, this is common among us, a doctor who in those early works as scavenger, the pharmacist who is a taxi driver, engineer superintendent or the English teacher at the store etc.

But do not be too hasty, there are people who want everything immediately. It is as surgeon doctor Algerian I met, who asked where had passed her genius for more than five years. Or woman Peruvian PhD in her country in addition obtained a Master of Accounting in France and is found to redo high school for four years. The university, for the moment, she is given due to the cost.

And yes, we must now put the icing on the cake, in Quebec, we like those that form. We did not insist on it in the advertising's MICC, but if you want, it seems, increase your chances of getting a date the "Holy Grail", the famous first Quebec experience, one that makes the rise dead, which will take you from death to life, that you will know the firmament: and many return train you. And when you become aware of this truth, I hope for you that you have not started your savings excessively.

But do not worry, people in the government likes you, or at least, they like your money, they all planned.
Even if your past experiences can be any duration and intensity did not matter, it is moving to see how easy it is in this country, we are ready to give you student loans to help you finance endless lists of courses require you to follow the professional associations of all kinds, and the professionals require, universities to spend the cash.

From skilled worker you're studying now is not "beautiful" ?

A training session at the Quebec university worth a visit in any case, those which are in the course of the evening, the new arrivals from all sides. Imagine the scene, it's six o'clock in the evening, you are on the eighth floor of a skyscraper. To your left you see a steady stream of traffic on a highway any. You take a course in business law.

A new disappointment: This course will focus on  family law about 60% of its content. Do not compare you tell me, everyone customs.
In the row in front of you there is a blonde woman, with swollen eyelids, there is no harm, it is only his sick son, who was deprived of sleep the night before. To her right, a man making use of visible minorities, it is slumped over his desk, his head in his arms, eyes closed, you see his left profile. He looks exhausted. On his feet he wears safety shoes full of mud, you wonder what he's doing there. His nap lasted for three hours during the lesson.

The teacher, a little thin, a bald egg-shaped head with beaked nose raven, likes the blonde. He comes to teasing from time to time while she drinks her soup.

He plunges his nose constantly in a large tumbler filled with light rather a coffee or coffee flavored sugar water. Students and teacher will flirt with, it's great.

He talks a lot, with a beautiful accent, it's normal, he is from Quebec and in addition he is a lawyer. To explain business law, he loves  examples like this : "if you buy a lawnmower, you can not ask for rescission of a contract because of you can not cut the wheat in a field with. .. ". It's exciting.

But there are also normal students, like we see at home. To my right there is a  young student who smell baby powder, she is disguised as. She purses her lips contentedly. She is happy to be licensed. A bright future is taking shape for her.
All this would be very nice and even funny if there was no perspective of economic issues.

Indeed, from the point of view of our guests, this is "beautiful", as they say, what more can you ask? you have available to first-class workers and  employees who each have over 18 years of schooling behind them, besides what they put in more since their arrival, it gives them a very wide backside.

In fact, stiff, they are also docile, polite, friendly and willing to pay to go to school to relearn and get diplomas because they think it will help them to get out later. But as we have already said, you can not promise anything, what is certain is that you will pay.

But those who have brought are not left out, they provided free training for you: there are all kinds whose duration is increasing as you go. They all have one thing in common:  help you to access the labor market and which keywords are resume, cover letter, portfolio, selection interview, networking, etc..

There's even an integrated online service, wow! With podcasts, videos and  technology and all what is too much . We love you I tell you.

After two or three courses of this type, you become an expert in the art of designing a resume to Quebec . But knowing how a resume is not enough, you do not have to find the grail, remember . Then everyone starts to tell you that for employers  all the experiences are important, even volunteering. And yes, we love it here, volunteering, to the point that if you can not place a few examples of experiences as a volunteer in your resume, it will not, you 're missing an opportunity to access the grail .

Also looking for a volunteer becomes a leitmotif for you. We encourage you, we told you it's fine, you're on the right track.

You start applying for jobs volunteer, yes, it is not automatic, you must earn to give your free time. You and your family have nothing to put your teeth, it does not interest anybody here, by cons, if you want to volunteer, you must prove yourself, you have to earn it. You understand, is that there is competition in the field at the new arrival. And if you are lucky enough to dig up a volunteer position, you will have to keep you well, as has stated me my Peruvian friend, we will not fail to inform you that you are not there for you twiddling your thumbs if inadvertently you come  work late.

As one journalist wrote, in free Metro, "the problem with these foreigners is that they can not manage time as us. They must adapt if they want to integrate ..."

They are not stingy with advice these mackerels. Or how you spend from skilled worker status to that of deep mental defective. We will relearn everything you, I tell you. You must wash your hands, look people in the eye when you talk, do not put too much perfume, you also need to dress well when you come in job interview and also wipe yourself when you do poops, no, they don't have said that, sorry, they forgot. you should not be too demanding as, salary level, do not be afraid to start at the bottom, ie down to the same level as the gravedigger.

When you know that the theme of free university education is an issue that is being moved this little people, isolated in America. When I arrived the government has been thrown by angry students after the announcement of increases in university enrollment rights. It makes you wonder if the makers of the stuffing did not seek to extend the funding of their university and college system, among other things, a windfall brought by immigration.

Those who come are not rich,  you tell me ; it's true. But for that you can integrate you are asked to repeat studies, while at the same time they tell you that here the degree does not matter, because we are in America!

But as we like you, we are ready to make an effort for you:we lend you money that you lack to finance these studies sacrosanct. I can not tell you a lot about this great offer, having declined for my part, but I was warned that such a proposal was valid only after a minimum of 6 courses per semester . Most Maghreb immigrants, African or Latino I met, are found, on average, from 16 to 18 courses in their specialty again (when it's not as in medicine) at the rate of $ 500 on going for a session (only registration fees, huh), I'll let you do the math for a brilliant student, who successfully all at once.

Remember though that this person will also find a job to survive with his family if he is not alone. But as he doesn't have  the Holy Grail, he will need to find the time, probably, to perform volunteer work to make themselves look good. And that the absence of experience in the country require, in the first years, working for not much, say the minimum possible, about $ 10 per hour for 40 hours per week, if the blessing to be full-time. And like everywhere else in the world, when you're there, we should not be reluctant to do unpaid overtime. Here is America, I tell you, and it also terminates quickly.

Do not you would fall to sleep too? You do not laugh, eh?

If, despite all these obstacles, our newcomer, "comes" to find his small within five years of its entry to heaven, let the cost, it does not make an omelette without breaking eggs, well I  take him my hat off. This is the least that we can deal with so much merit.

So, you may ask, is it yes or no answer tSuccess stories among immigrants you will find, but you will not find many statistic to make you an accurate count of failures and successes. What you get in this area is the "they say",  rumors, but nothing more.
o calls from the jellyfish?

If you are unemployed, from a country in ruins, where civilized democracy with guns, as the song says, then yes, it is likely that you have interest in responding to this call. While at the same time, it is likely that you have the greatest difficulty in obtaining the entry ticket. Paradoxically, the gorgon does not give anyone the right to come home to give alms. It takes a skilled worker for it. And even for those countries that lack of hope scares them elite.

For my part, I think it's a triple mess. For the country, first, that the chances of a private development scaring the fittest individuals of the soil. For the individual, himself,  who will sacrifice his talents to nails, to people who do not have anything to do and think only of their pathetic little interest. For the host countries, finally, that in doing so, is a credit to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms arm he pretended to include in its Constitution in the late 70s.

If you have a job at home, a family, savings and normal life after all: know that you are the perfect target.

Maybe you need to learn a little more depth of human nature. If you want to know you better and, at the same time, to experience a collective swindle organized by the provincial government in a francophone minority. It does not kill as long to take it with a smile, not to remain petrified too long and not getting caught up in the trap completely.

Basically, as you remember, that advertisements are advertisements anywhere and that is the advertiser. Sometimes it's funny, it is a dream too. But do not expect too much and they can inform you, but often, they have no other ambition than to give birth at home needs to better sell you trinkets thereafter.

If you also want to play sports, walked miles on foot in the snow during the winter. If at you it's hot, and you want to test your resistance to freezing. An experience you will undoubtedly think of anything for a long time.

But please do not sell any, do not undress completely, you leave a chance in case. Whatever may be said about the so-called opportunities available there, it is better to wait and see come the fortune before selling his horse.

I have met many immigrants who didn't  understand what happen to them at the beginning. Then after a while, they had a crestfallen face, and finaly they fell from above  when they became aware of their plight after 3 months on Quebec soil.

you will find success stories among immigrants, but remember, one swallow does not make a summer. For one success how many failure have you got ?

The great communicators MICC take care not to communicate about it in their propaganda. In addition, what you get in this area is the "they say", rumors, and platitudes about the "belle province", but nothing more.

So, I repeat, beware of trap!

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